New 500 the icon reloaded wins the BEA 2015 Award for best B2B Event (agency LaBuccia)

A vertical and dynamic event, a journey through the époques and models of the Fiat 500, experienced in a large elevator realized with a help of VR. Upon entering the elevator the vertical journey began: journalists disembarked before the 57th floor and found the “Cinquino”, then at the 207th floor to discover the 500 from… Read More

Arnaldo Pomodoro’s Labyrinth

LABYR-INTO 30/11/2016 – 05/02/2017 Oliver Pavicevic + Steve Piccolo A project conceived and curated by Eugenio Alberti Schatz in collaboration with the Fondazione Arnaldo Pomodoro, created thanks to the contribution by TSS (The Secular Society USA) During the exhibition Arnaldo Pomodoro, in Sala degli Arazzi at Palazzo Reale visitors can enter virtually into the environmental work Entering… Read More