With a CScape you can make whole cities in minutes instead of months.
I’m happy to anounce that a new version of CScape for Unity is available on assetstore. It introduces many new features that I’m excited about.
New features and bugfixes:
-Buildings now use POM shading for great relief fidelity.
-Better PBR lighting
-New textures
-Added scripts for building texture arrays
-Automatic project configuring script for all platforms
-Introduction of new modifiers (that can position objects on building sides)
-refactoring of building generation and different building positions by default. All buildings will be rotated towards streets.
-Support for using many CScape sities in one scene (this permits to treat CScape City as a district and compose your own city from many districts governated by different rules)
-Introduction of support for rivers with a Lite version of NordLake shader
-Building roofs now have better shading and variations
-Window borders can use customized colors (blend between two colors)
-New building models
-new preset for Unity Post processing stack – calibrated for daytime and nightime
-Added personalization of texture lightness by faccade
-Added support for different sidewalk textures
-Added bridges for rivers
-Reduced aliasing for faraway buildings

2017-10-03 03_09_03-Unity 5.5.1p3 (64bit) - CscapeDemo.unity - CSCapeNew - PC, Mac & Linux Standalon
2017-09-24 11_53_43-Unity 5.5.1p3 (64bit) - CscapeDemo.unity - CSCapeNew - PC, Mac & Linux StandalonAvailable on AssetStore:

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