A vertical and dynamic event, a journey through the époques and models of the Fiat 500, experienced in a large elevator realized with a help of VR. Upon entering the elevator the vertical journey began: journalists disembarked before the 57th floor and found the “Cinquino”, then at the 207th floor to discover the 500 from the year 2007, and finally at the 500th floor, above the highest skyscrapers, to meet the lastborn in the series. At each landing, with the opening of the large sliding doors, a new set design appeared supported by a large wraparound back-lit screen and a stage at the same level of the elevator floor for the dynamic presentation of the 5 different versions of the car. The speakers at each intervention were able to exploit the enormous screen behind the cars with large projections.


Great redemption of the international press in all the main lifestyle newspapers and magazines, in the specialised press and on the web. More than 600 journalists from 12 countries took part in the 10 sessions held during the two weeks with over 800 test drives made.
VR projections were done by Olivers Pavicevics.

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