Why SBS 360 should be abandoned? Doing Side by side video isn’t always one of the best decisions fro stereoscopic 360 videos. You would ask , but why? Because it has a half of a horizontal resolution. This limit means that we have some more vertical information, but we loose much of a depth information (let’s call it depth precision). In some cases you maybee want to show more fine textures, and than you would like to use side by side. But mostly, in VR you want MORE PRESENCE, and a good stereo is in this case much more important. From this standpoint, loosing a half of a stereo precision isn’t a good thing to do, because you are loosing information that is essential for perception of depth. Main problem with spherical encoding is that you have actually more resolution in top and down areas of image, parts that mostly aren’t of interest and are best to be avoided because of the stereo errors introduced by this type of encoding.

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