YeFew days ago I’ve posted a video of me playing piano, and my firend pointed out that I somewhat looked like Thom Yorke). As I was intended to do some more research on Deep Fake and Deep Learning, I thought that this could be a nice start to do some tests.
For who doesn’t know what is a Deep Fake: it’s a Ai procedure that is used to change faces of persons to look like another persons faces.
What I have come across is that a Deep Fake can be done only in cases when you wat to change a faces of a persons that already have some familiar look with a person that you want to fake (similar shape of a head, similar hair or beard, similar movements). Even if deep faking is done mostly by AI, it requires correct input and a ‘guide in training’. Artificial life “lifecoach”.
To cut long story short: as few years ago, I had an idea of doing a video based on a Radiohead’s song Exit Music for a Film, but didn’t have a time to do a full 3d model of Thom Yorke and animation, Deep Fake simplifies this task. Here is a first step of my task: let’s use Deep Fake tech to capture my movements by singing a song and then transform them into a Thom’s face. I had to match somewhat lighting in studio (but for a final version, I plan to match exact lighting).
After this, I will try to put this face into a completely CG generated environment done in Unity with my Deckard.
First attempt into Deep Fake: in a first column there are faces of Thom that were used to train AI, in a third column you can find my face singing a song, and in a last column, there is a transformed face of me looking like Thom and mimicking it’s singing.

The next step was to try out how this all looks in animation.


Library that I’m using for Deep Fake is called DeepFaceLab (available HERE).
One of the biggest missconceptions about Deep Fake is that it’s capable of doing everything by itself. This isn’t true, and it requires a lot of testing, tuning, and compositing. It is a great tool, but it requires mastering.
This test were made to understand better how it behaves.

After doing this test, I’ve started doing some tests in omporting AI generated faces and mimics into a Unity, overlaying them into a 3d model of astronaut, and rendering it out with my Deckard Render.

Test 1
Test 2

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