Patrick Faith

Essential product for cinematic 3d renders and great support (VR Panorama) I’ve been using this product for a while, and the support has been great. This is one of my most used products in Unity and pretty much view it as an essantial for anyone doing cinematic VR in Unity.


Works Quickly both in Generation as well as Rendering (CScape) The City Generation is great for both forground, and background elements, especially for VR, where every ms counts. The Look and variety of buildings is amazing, and the performance is even better. I can’t count how many Unity Asset store assts I have that say… Read More

Didier Porte

Amazing Tool (VR Panorama) It does what it says and “Biggly”. Great support, almost instant replies. I highly recommend…


FANTASTIC! (VR Panorama) I’m really impressed how well it works, especially the capture at 60fps for GearVR! Love the auto encode as well. Just know its not for gameplay capture, more for vignette static camera scenes or on path flights. The process is simple: Set up a scene, set up the pano tool on your… Read More

Lionel Williams

Les champs du savoir (the field of knowing) (VR Panorama) This Unity plugin is a field of endless possibilities… it has transformed my art practice and helped me gain jobs in the interactive music video field. It truly creates the most surprising content for everybody that is used to seeing static youtube videos for the… Read More