CScape is a next-gen advanced procedural building generator. Main strenght of this plugin is that it uses serious drawcall optimizations. This is done by possibility to use only one one-pass shader/material for a whole city landscape. This resultts in a extremely optimized performance while using Static/Dynamic Batching or Occlusion Culling.

it consists of a:
-advanced customized PBR shader with parallax mapping
-system for using simple building lo-poly template meshes, that can be customized in unity editor.
-support for day-night cycling (animated lights)
-simple city generator (at this stage it places buildings in a volume, but in a future it will have also some possibilities for laying out street maps).
-Al buildings use a sort of fake parallax interiours, so that it gives an impression of complex meshes even in VR.
-In a future, I also plan to release Building Styles Packs, like Sci-Fi city, ’20’s New York, Italian city, Cartoon City, Apocalyptic City, Soviet City. First version will include a pack called Megacity.
-If everything goes as intended I also plan to release a CDK (content developement Kit) for artists that want to make their own CScape Styles (and eventually sell them on assetstore).

Due to much request, this plugin has been released as an Alpha version with a heavy discount for early adopters (39$ vs. 99$)
You can buy it HERE!

28 thoughts on “CScape for Unity

  1. Thank you, the graphics seem to good to be true, I’ve been disappointed in the past with asest store purchases…but what the hell I’ll see what is like..😁


  2. Hello and good day, we already bought your tool and notice some little issues when working with it, first, the elements for the roof (the antena) don’t get positioned correctly above the roof; second, when you export the scene to use it into another computer the buildings reference are lost, not even after re-assigned to it (shows an unassigned variable issue).

    This are most a suggestion that other thing, I know this is an early alpha version, so, I think it’s a good moment to say this: there will be a way to include a river, turns, roundabout, bridges and low bridges?, at the moment your tool works fine, but like they say, “It could be better and more”.


    1. Hi Arturo,
      Thanks for your feedback.
      “the elements for the roof (the antena) don’t get positioned correctly above the roof;”

      Yes, this is a known issue and will be solved in a next version. Whole rooftop system is completely rewritten – and it will be much more powerfull.

      “when you export the scene to use it into another computer the buildings reference are lost, not even after re-assigned to it (shows an unassigned variable issue).”
      This is strange. There shouldn’t be any problems with this, or at least, I don’t have a clue what can be a reason for such a behaviour. Could you please tell me how do you do a export? Are you only moving a scene, project, or you are exporting it to unity package, and if so, are you exporting this with references or without them? Does another computer has CScape installed? Or are you creating a prefab and exporting/copying that one? Unity should save all neccesary information to a scene file. I need this information to be able to reproduce and find a workaround to this kind of problem.

      “there will be a way to include a river, turns, roundabout, bridges and low bridges?”
      At this moment I’m working on other important visual features and more complex buildings and shaders (like advertising panels, street level faccades, lighting management) that will be out really soon. Also, there are coming some more complex city structures and variations. For next version.
      Rivers and bridges aren’t planned yet as this is something that can be implemented by a user manually. But I could probably make (in a future) some nice tutorials of how to do it. roundabouts are possible to come, but as an advanced feature (ETA – summer end).

      “at the moment your tool works fine, but like they say, “It could be better and more””
      Yeah I know :))), but there are so many things that can be done when doing a city lanscape. It’s almost like making a whole world. But, a cityscape isn’t and shouldn’t be a substitute for na artist – it should only be a powerfull tool in hands of an artist. Also, there are some considerations that have to be made when you want something that is ultra optimized (as CScape is). Then, you can’t expect from a tool that costs 40 bucks to do a whole level design 😉 If it could do that, then it would cost 400 or 4000 😉
      If you are interested, Send me your invoice number, and I can send you a preview version of a next release. Don’t use it for a final production, as there are still some bugs to adress and features that aren’t completely finished.


  3. Hi there. It would be nice to see a roadmap for this asset. I’m curious to see what’s planned for it and it this will finally be the most needed city generation tool the assetstore needs.


  4. Hello, is there a forum for CScape? I’d like to know if there is support for this plugin, not necessarily because I need help yet (just purchased CScape) but I’d feel better if there were a definitive place for discussion for CScape, thank you!


    1. Hi Jeremy, for support you can write directly to me (developer mail) or on a unity publoc forum. You can find a link to this in Cscape readme file. Usually, I try to respond immediately, if we are in a same timezone and I’m online, but mostly I try to give a feedback in less than 24 hour time tru forum or mail. I prefer forum support, as that can help users with a same problems. But in some cases, you might don’t want to show your work in public, so it is better to ask via email.


  5. Great tool, but I’d like to scale down the size of the output to say, one city block. I’ve tried adjusting the City Size parameters but I get an error when I click Generate City. The current output is too large for Unity to create a Lightmap on my laptop w/o expanding the memory.


    1. There shouldn’t be any problems on generating 1X1 cities (or any tile combination). Be sure to set Number of blocks X and Z values in City Size to your desired size. Also, be sure that you don’t have any parameters that would break correct functioning – min and max Block distances values should be great enough so that all streets and building can fit into a tile. This value is dependent on a building and street sizes, and section division values. If you set that you want 6 buildings, and your street size is 3 plus sidewalk size of 3 (x2, as there are 2 sidewalks) your min block width should be at least 6 + 3 + 6 = 15 if you are generating small 3m buildings. But you would probably want to have some buildings that are larger than that, so you have to compensate for this size. If your rendomly generated builddings can’t fit that tile, script will give you an error. Best way to approach this is to use large value for Min and max block distance.. generate, and then lower value until script doesnt gives you an error.
      This will change in a next CScape, that now uses a different approach of density, instead of exact values – and should be more flexible and faster.


  6. Hi Oliver
    I saw your asset and it looks really awesome, but I have a question: Is it only possible to create a flat city? Or can I take the buildings after generation and move them onto my custom terrain? Because I have a Terrain built with Map Magic Terrain Asset and there is no flat area where I can place the whole city. Also I don’t like it flat. I would only buy your asset to have many buildings which I can change easily in height and with. And also because of the automatic lights. So I would really like to being able to move the buildings seperatly anywhere on my map. Is this possible?


    1. “I would only buy your asset to have many buildings which I can change easily in height and with. And also because of the autom
      Yes, once you generate buildings, you can move them (and resize) freely. You don’t have to use CScape street layouts.


  7. Hey Oly, Is it possible to import other models into a CScape created map? Reason I ask is I love your system but I also want to add futuristic buildings. Kind of a blend of old and future. Thanks


  8. Hey Oly, I wanted to ask you is it possible to import other building assets into CScape? Reason ask is I want to make a city which has a blend of futuristic skyscrapers and old / current day buildings. Doesn’t mater if they don’t work with the modularity I guess but just want to know if they are placeable. Thanks


    1. Hi David,
      You can only place them by hand. CScape doesn’t “know” anything about about how your models are made so it can’t just place them automatically (what is a front side of a building, where is a root axis, size and so on).
      But you should probably check my articles and videos on how to make your own skins for buildings for CScape.

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      1. Thanks Oly for the quick response. Ok I will have a look at your youtube. Just starting out really and came across your app through research. I want to create a kind of Blade Runner style city-scape


  9. Hi Oliver,
    Congratulations on the great asset. I have been using it for different projects and until now, I am very satisfied with CScape. However, in Unity 2018, today, the asset store offered an update of CScape. As a result, all the textures of the buildings in any new or old Megacity are missing (bright green or white). Is this a bug that you know of or is there a configuration that I am missing ? Thanks in advance.


  10. I love the idea of your patch so I bought it recently to be greeted with yellow and green. With the latest Patch_Shader_MegaCity.unitypackage, It *mostly* works with the Unity 2018.2.8f1, but there is still a strange yellow/green glare. Please fix so I can integrate this awesomeness into my Unity project.


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