This is my Blade Runner 2049 personal challenge.
Idea behind this personal challenge is to see if I can reconstruct scenes from Blade Runner 2049 movie, trying to match closely atmosphere and look of a movie by using only realtime graphics in Unity. This is mostly done so that I can improove my abilities and understand better some cinematographic looks.
My own rules are:
-One scene per day
-One scene should be done only in few hours
-I’m reconstructing scenes and not characters
-Everything should be done without using mate paintings.
Work in progress.
Here is a reference movie:

This was a first day of this challenge.

This scene was made by using CScape for Unity (for city), HX Volumetric Lights (for volumetric lighting) and Pro Builder for adittional models. Most time was used for tuning up lighting to match that one from a movie.

This was a second day of challenge

This scene was pretty easy – but it required some advanced shader work. ATARI logo was animated procedurally only with a shader.

This is a third day of challenge

In this scene it was pretty hard to get right lighting as it is GI based. So I’ve spent some time to tune it to match original scene. Hopefully, modelling was more than easy.

4. day of challenge

This one was pretty challenging to make.
As my own Challenge rules say: “You can’t spend more than few hours for a scene” I had to be fast.
Ive made two characters with Mixamo Fuse.. so they are somewhat thigs from a shelf as I didn’t have a time to make rigged characters (it would took me days to do this).
-I’ve made some ‘simple’ shaders for statues by using some old code of mine for subsurface scattering. But actually, it could work even without it. Light in this scene is such that it doesn’t show much of subsyurface scatter. But this could be usefull for some other angles.
-Most challenging were the glass shaders. I had to made some custom to meet my needs. Hew cubes with vertex colors on edges for each glass plane. Then I’m adding some different shading by lerping on vertex color base(colors on edges of a glass, and different colors on front and back side. Then I add some RT pass that sends a screen texture to my shader, and from then on, shader modifies this texture.
-You can see some light caustics on a wall. Those are only simple lights with custom cookies, and they are linked to general light.

One thought on “Blade Runner 2049 Personal Challenge

  1. Wow, amazing work, didn’t seen any difference. Do you using your own renderer with CScape?
    BTW Love that asset and waiting for updates. Best wishes!!!


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